Our hotel partner is Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel (Sadama 11, Tallinn).

Dates 8.07-14.07.2018
Standard room for 1 person
159 EUR/night
Standard room for 2 persons
169 EUR/night
Deluxe room / for 1 or 2 persons
204 EUR/night
Suite / for 1 or 2 persons
250 EUR/night
Rates include accommodation, buffet breakfast, aqua spa usage during the stay, wifi and VAT. 

To book a room please contact Tallink Spa Hotel reservations department mentioning the code „RotaryGolf“ by e-mail hotelbooking@tallink.ee or by phone +372 6300808

Taxis to the hotel:

The official airport taxis are Airport taxi, Tallink taxi and Tulika taxi and they are queing up in front of the terminal; others are not allowed to drive in front of the terminal, but they might try to make some active sale after customs zone and before leaving the terminal; please ignore them.
At your arrival to Tallinn Airport please sit into either Tulika or Tallink taxi and the cost to Tallink Spa Hotel Sadama 11 will be ca 15 euros.
Make sure that you tell the hotel address to taxi driver as there is another Tallink hotel in the city, that is not your hotel this time.